This is where you’ll find assembly instructions, software downloads, and other information on your Eggtimer Rocketry products.   Just click on your product below, and follow the links.

Altimeters and AV Bay Stuff

Eggtimer Proton Flight Computer

Eggtimer Classic Altimeter

Eggtimer Quark Altimeter

 Eggtimer Quantum Altimeter

Eggtimer Apogee Support

Eggtimer TRS Altimeter / GPS Tracking Transmitter

Eggtimer WiFi Switch

Eggtimer Mini Switch

AV Bay Application Notes, etc.


Eggfinder GPS Tracking Products

Note:  For  EU/UK use, please be sure to read the Eggfinder EU/UK Addendum

Eggfinder TX GPS Tracking Transmitter

Eggfinder Mini GPS Tracking Transmitter

Eggfinder RX “dongle” Receiver (USB cabled or Bluetooth)

Eggfinder LCD Handheld Receiver & Options 

Eggfinder Application Notes, Tips, Tricks, Etc…