Eggtimer Quantum Assembly Guide Board Rev B3 (with VN5E160S driver IC’s and single SMT rectifier)

Eggtimer Quantum Assembly Guide Board Rev B1 (with VN5E160S driver IC’s and two through-hole rectifiers)

Eggtimer Quantum Assembly Guide Board Rev A18 (with optoisolators and KSH122 transistors) 

Eggtimer Quantum User’s Guide Rev. 1.09G

Eggtimer Quantum-Quasar Airstart Manual



IMPORTANT NOTE:  DO NOT try to perform a firmware update with any loads attached to the deployment outputs!   Although the chance of them firing during an update is virtually zero, it’s very bad safety practice to have any pyrotechnic loads connected to an altimeter when the rocket is not being prepped for flight.

Eggtimer Quantum Firmware Rev. 1.09G

Eggtimer Quantum Release Notes Rev. 1.09G

How to Update the Eggtimer Quantum Firmware

Note:  We generally do not post older versions of the firmware, unless there is an incompatibility with the currently-shipping version of the hardware.   We recommend that you check our site regularly for firmware updates, and update your firmware to the latest release if applicable.

Eggtimer Quantum B3 Gerber Paste Files 

Eggtimer Quantum B1 Gerber Paste Files

Eggtimer Quantum A18 Gerber Paste Files

Note: The Paste files include the pads for the pre-mounted baro sensor, you’ll have to cut a hole around it with an X-Acto knife.


Older Manuals

Eggtimer Quantum Assembly Board Rev A12

Eggtimer Quantum Assembly Board Rev A12f