Eggfinder LCD Assembly Manual Rev B5 (surface mount parts)

Eggfinder LCD Assembly Manual Rev B2 (with through-hole parts)

Eggfinder LCD Case Assembly 

Eggfinder LCD Users Guide 2.01c – 2.02Q

Eggfinder LCD-GPS Module Assembly & Users Guide

Eggfinder LCD-GPS Module Template

Eggtimer Voice Module Assembly & Users Guide 

Eggtimer Voice Module A6 Drilling Template


Eggfinder LCD Firmware

Eggfinder LCD Firmware 2.02Q (900 MHz)

Note:  We geneally do not publish older versions of the firmware unless there’s an incompatibility with the currently shipping version of the hardware.  We recommend that you check the web site and update your firmware regularly.

 Eggfinder LCD Flash Update Instructions

Eggfinder LCD Release Notes 2.02Q

Eggfinder LCD 70cm Ham Version

Note:  This software is ONLY compatible with Eggfinder LCD hardware ordered with the 70cm Ham option!

Addendum for Eggfinder Ham Products 

Eggfinder LCD Firmware 2.02Q (70cm Ham)


International Eggfinder LCD Firmware Versions

Eggfinder LCD Firmware 2.02Q (AUS/NZ)

(For 918-925 MHz use)


Eggfinder LCD Firmware 2.02Q (EU/UK)

(for 869 MHz use)


Eggtimer Voice Module Firmware

Eggtimer Voice Module Firmware 1.02L