An update on product availability, July 1, 2022

We are currently out of all RF products, that includes the Eggfinder TX and Mini GPS transmitters, the Eggfinder LCD and RX receivers, the Eggtimer TRS GPS/altimeter, and the Eggtimer Telemetry Module.  We are expecting to have them back in stock in mid-July.  If you’re looking for these, send us an email ( and we’ll put you on the waiting list. 

We also do not have any Eggtimer Proton altimeters available, due to component supply issues.   We’re working on acquiring some parts… but we have no ETA at this time.   If you’re interested, send us an email ( and we’ll put you on the waiting list.   Note that it may be awhile… ST Microelectronics’ web site is saying March of 2023 for the missing parts.

We DO have the other altimeters and switches available.


Welcome to Eggtimer Rocketry!

If you’re looking for information and/or support for your Eggtimer altimeters,  Eggfinder GPS Trackers, or other Eggtimer Rocketry products then you’re at the right place!   All of our products are unique in that they are kits, we try our best to make them easy to assemble; we use through-hole parts or 0805-or-larger SMT parts to make assembly easier.   It’s really not that hard, if you’ve ever built a kit from Ramsey or SparkFun then you won’t have any trouble building an Eggtimer Rocketry kit.  We abide by the old Heathkit motto:  “We won’t let you fail!”

Our web site is organized into sections, you can select them at the top and go from there…

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