We’re rocket enthusiasts just like you, going way back to the late great Sixties and Seventies.  While our high school friends were starting bands, we were playing with rockets, electronics, and yes, computers.   As life went on, we’ve had to leave and re-enter the hobby several times, coming back a few years ago to find that the electronics that we wanted were either too expensive or just didn’t do what we wanted.   So, we did what any self-respecting engineering type would do… we made our own.   If our products look like what  you have been looking for, give one a try, and drop us an email to let us know what you think.

To contact us for general info, email us at info@eggtimerrocketry.com

For Support, email us at support@eggtimerrocketry.com

If you need to snail mail us, send your correspondence to:

Eggtimer Rocketry
147 W Route 66 No 747
Glendora, CA  91740

No, we do not publish a phone number.  Quite frankly, we can’t live off of the income that we make from the hobby, so we have real day jobs, but we are more than happy to spend some time answering your emails and investigating whatever issues you may bring up.  



Banner  Photo:  Mark Treseder’s PML AMRAAM, on an Aerotech Dark Matter motor at Holtville CA.  Thanks to Dave Cook for the picture!