The Eggtimer Classic Flight Computer is a full-function barometric two-channel flight computer that can be used to deploy parachutes, airstart second-stage engines, and log flight profile data.    It supports standard main-drogue  multiple chute deployment, or you can use your motors ejection charge to deploy the drogue chute and configure the drogue channel in airstart mode to support a two-stage multiple deployment rocket.  It can be used to modulate  standard hobby servos too, so if youre a water rocket enthusiast this is the only solution on the market that can be used for non-pyro multiple deployment.


It is sold as a kit to keep your cost down, at $35 for the complete kit it is by far the least expensive full-function flight computer on the market.  We designed it to be easy to put together, the few SMT parts are pre-mounted on the circuit board for you so you dont need to worry about them.  All you have to do is to solder about 30 standard through-hole parts, and either pigtail wires to the termination of your choice, or you can use the optional locking header/socket kit to make your Eggtimer easily swappable between rockets.



Barometric pressure sensor, with high accuracty to over 30,000 ft

Non-volatile EEPROM for flight history storage, holds your last 32 flights

Two configurable high-current output channels, each good for over 8A/60V (65W maximum) plus three separate logic-level outputs (drogue, main, and landing)

Output channels’ on-time can be configured from 1 second to 9 seconds, and can be also set to stay on continuously

Support for airstarts with three separaate events required for safety (breakwire trip, launch detect altitude, timer expiration)

Can be used to modulate standard PWM hobby servos for non-pyrotechnic deployments

Fully programmable flight parameters AND eight pre-programmed flight profiles so you can use it in the field without a computer

Sampling rates are programmable for both “up” and “down” flight phases

About 3.9″ long and 1″ wide, about 20 g.   Can easily fit in a 29mm motor mount tube.

Fully mach-safe using filtered altitude/velocity profile in flight… no timer setting or other outside calculations needed

Supports single-battery or dual-battery configurations for 100% glitch-proof operation

Interface via the standard Eggtimer USB-Serial cable, using any ANSI/VT100 compatible terminal program (Supports almost any platform!)

Firmware can be updated using the Eggtimer USB-Serial cable, no charge for software updates