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Eggtimer Documentation

Latest Eggtimer Documentation

Release Notes/Addendums

   Read BEFORE Assembling/Using!

Assembly Manual for RevD Board

Users Guide for Version 1.52 (RevD Board)

Drilling Template for RevD Board

Parts Placement Guide for RevD Board

Latest Flash Software for Eggtimer

Eggtimer Build 1.53
  Applicable to all Eggtimer Board Revisions
  (Extra deployment channels only available on RevC or RevD boards, however)

Instructions for Flash-Updating Your Eggtimer

Win-AVR Software (Link)

Useful Third-Party Software Downloads

TeraTerm - VT100/Ansi terminal program for Windows

PuTTY - Another VT100/Ansi Terminal Emulator, multi-OS

OpenRocket - A FREE Flight Modeling program.  Highly Recommended!

RocSim - The premier flight modeling program. A necessity if you're L2 or above. 

Prolific PL2303xx Driver for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 (Link)
  (Use this one ONLY if you have a cable with a BLUE shell)

Prolific PL2303xx Driver for Windows Vista/7/8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  (Use this one if you have the cable with a BLACK shell)

Prolific PL2303xx Driver for Windows 2000/XP (32-bit)
  (Use this one if you have the cable with a BLACK shell)

Application Notes & Musings

Graphing Flight Data with Microsoft Excel

Using PuTTY with the Eggtimer for Progamming and Downloading

A Simple Driver Board for the AUX Channels

Gerber Files to go with the AUX Driver Board

EEPROM Memory Map (for interpreting Memory Dump info)

Previous Versions of Documentation

Assembly Manual for RevC Board
  Note: See the Assembly Folder under Photos for Pictures...

Eggtimer RevC Board Parts Placement
  Very helpful for placing parts

Drilling Template for RevC Board

Users Guide Version 1.48b for RevC Board

Note:  We don't post previous versions of the Eggtimer firmware,
         since the latest version generally incorporates all of the current
         bug fixes and features.  If we DO post a previous version, it 
         will usually be with some kind of restriction or caveat, so be sure
         to read the Release Notes before applying any previous version!