Eggtimer Rocketry
What's New...

What's New...

New Hardware/Software Version for the Eggtimer Quantum (11/23/17)

We've improved the Quantum by changing the full-wave bridge to two 20A rectifiers in the power supply section, this greatly improves its reliability under heavy deployment loads.   There's also a new software release for the Quantum (1.06Q) that adds a few new features and a voltage-offset parameter to support the new board.

GPS Module for Eggfinder LCD Receiver

We've designed a GPS module add-on to the Eggfinder LCD receiver, which with the newly-released version of the software (1.10R) allows you to navigate to your rocket without using any other devices... no phone, tablet, PC, or anything else needed.   The software adds a new second navigation screen that shows you the compass points and distance to your rocket, your compass "track" (which direction you're moving), and (best of all) an arrow and compass degrees Left/Right that you need to go to get to your rocket.   All you have to do is to follow the arrow and it will take you right to your rocket.   Plus, you always have the LCD display's coordinates as a backup, too.   

Availability of the LCD-GPS module should be around Nov. 1st 2017.

Eggfinder TX OpenLog Datalogger Support

By popular request, we've enhanced the Eggfinder TX transmitter board so that it can now accept an OpenLog datalogger board, this allows you to record the NMEA GPS data stream to a micro SD card for later analysis.   We're also now carrying Bill Riley's excellent TXLog Adapter Board, which allows you to attach an OpenLog datalogger to earlier Eggfinder TX versions (B6/B7 supported).  We're also selling the OpenLog datalogger modules so you can get everything in one place.

Eggfinder Mini - A REALLY Small GPS Transmitter

We're proud to announce the release of the Eggfinder Mini GPS transmitter, a much smaller version of the ever-popular Eggfinder TX transmitter.  It has all of the same functionality of the Eggfinder TX, but it's really small... it's only about .7" wide and 3 1/2" long including the antenna, and it will fit into an 18mm body tube.  This makes it perfect for those minimum-diameter 24mm or 29mm projects.  It can also be mounted in a piece of Kevlar shock-cord sleeve or wrapped inside a chute protector, and simply be duct-taped to your shock cord inside the body tube... the only limitation is the size of your 2S LiPo battery.  Price is $75... $5 more than the Eggfinder TX, but it includes the external antenna.

Eggtimer Quantum Airstart Software

There's a new version of the software out for the Eggtimer Quantum that adds airstart functions.  Basically, it allows you to configure the Quantum as either a two-channel deployment controller (the default) or a two-channel intelligent timer to fire motors, separation charges, or what-not in flight.  It features qualifications for altitude@time, velocity@time, and breakwire support.  You can download it from the Eggtimer Quantum Support/Download section.

Revised Eggtimer TRS Board & Software

We've made a few changes to the Eggtimer TRS board to make it a little easier to build.  We've made most of the SMT pads a bit larger, including the ones for the GPS module.  We've made the holes for the GPS ground pads bigger so you can easily get them soldered to the board.  Most importantly, we've changed out the baro pressure sensor, since the Bosch BMP180 that we've been using since 2012 is now EOL and basically unobtainable.  Unfortunately the replacement (TE/MeasSpec MS5637) isn't software compatible so there's a build especially for the new board, but the resolution is better so we've bumped up the altitude ceiling from 32,000' to 65,000'.  You can read all about it in the Release Notes under the Eggtimer TRS/Support section.

Revised Eggtimer Quantum Board

We've made a slight revision to the Eggtimer Quantum PC board, we've added a driver FET to the buzzer to make it louder.  The Assembly Guide has been revised to reflect this change, if you've downloaded and earlier version and you have an extra part and you're wondering what to do with it, please check out the new instructions.

Mandatory Software Update for Eggtimer Quantum

There is a MANDATORY software update for the Quantum on the Support/Downloads page, it addresses an issue that may prevent the Quantum from powering up and/or arming in cooler weather.  With the Fall and (for some...) Winter flying seasons approaching, you need to get this installed before you get out into the field...

Eggtimer Quantum WiFi-Enabled Flight Computer

The Eggtimer Quantum is the first WiFi-enabled flight computer on the market.  It offers two high-current deployment channels with tons of flexibility, records up to 15 flights, and has most of the other great features of the Eggtimer Classic Flight Computer, but with a twist - all of the programming, arming, and downloading are done wirelessly over WiFi.   No cable, Internet, or special apps required, all  you need is a WiFi device with a browser.  Due to its unique "dual-switched" output configuration,  you might not even need a power switch; the deployment outputs are essentially dead until near apogee, and the WiFi arming offers the same security as our popular WiFi Switch.

Eggtimer WiFi Switch

We've replaced the Eggtimer Remote Switch with a new WiFi enabled switch, with more range, higher power capability, bidirectional monitoring capability (it shows you the battery voltage and deployment igniter continuity), and best of all you don't need a separate remote.  It works with any WiFi/browser enabled device, and is VERY secure. Check it out, we think you'll be pleased with the improvements.

New Eggfinder TX B6 Version

We've made some highly-requested changes to the Eggfinder TX transmitter.  First, we've made the frequency programmable to match all 72 possible combinations that the Eggfinder LCD receiver can use.  You simply connect a 3-pin jumper cable (included) between your TX and your LCD receiver, program the frequency on the LCD, and they're both updated.  Second, we've eliminated the on-off push button, it turns on as soon as you connect the battery.  This makes it simpler to use, and prevents a minor power glitch from shutting down your TX.  We've added battery polarity immunity... no more hooking up the battery backwards and frying your GPS.  Finally, we've made all of the passive components SMT-mount, reduced the parts count, enlarged the GPS pads, and generally made the TX kit easier to build.

Eggtimer TRS Software Advisory (4/13/2015)


It has come to our attention that under some cases the drogue channel on the Eggtimer TRS may fail to fire when used in backup mode.  We have found and fixed the bug, please go to the Eggtimer TRS Support link and download the latest version (1.05A).