The Eggtimer WiFi Switch is a revolutionary idea in hobby rocketry avionics bay control.  Instead of having to fumble around with some kind of mechanical switch, you can turn your electronics on and off using any WiFi-enabled device with a browser.  That means you can arm your altimeters with your Apple or Android phone or tablet, a laptop, or potentially even a smart watch.  No separate remote control device, magnet, screwdriver, or whatchamacallit is required.

Besides the ability to arm/disarm your electronics, the WiFi Switch also sends you the voltage status of your AV bay battery every 60 seconds.  Finally, (and you’re gonna like this…) you get the continuity status of your altimeter’s deployment charges remotely, also updated every 60 seconds.  We’ve created a special interface that works with virtually every altimeter on the market, so regardless of what you have in your AV bay you’ll know what’s going on.

Since security is a big deal with anything WiFi-enabled, we use WPA2-PSK pairing with encryption to your device. The passkey is randomly generated and different for each WiFi Switch, so you don’t have to worry about somebody else accidentally connecting to your WiFi Switch and turning on or off your electronics.   In order to arm/disarm the electronics, you have to enter a 4-digit validation code that changes every 60 seconds, and click on the Submit button, so it’s virtually impossible to “pocket dial” your WiFi Switch.  And the WiFi Switch is powered OFF when you connect the battery… you don’t have to worry about accidentally starting your altimeter’s flight sequence when you connect the battery.

Like all of our products, we sell the WiFi Switch as a kit, meaning that you have to solder it together.  It’s mostly surface-mount parts, but we’ve made it real easy… the smaller passive parts are all 1206 size, which is about as big as you’re gonna find in the SMT world.  This makes it easy to solder them, and it can even be done without a magnifier (although we strongly recommend  using one!).  We provide you with special low-temperature no-clean solder to make it easy.


Input Voltage:  3.2V-9V (1S-2S LiPo battery recommended, 3S LiPo battery option available on request)

Current:  About 70 mA

Range:    Over 100′

Size:        63.85 mm x 23.85 mm