The Eggtimer Quantum is the  first WiFi-enabled flight computer.  Using just about any WiFi/browser enabled device, you can program,arm/disarm, and download data without any cables, apps, or Internet connections. 

o Two high-current channels, for Drogue and Main chutes
o  Drogue is programmable from 0-3 seconds from nose-over for primary or backup use
o  Main is programmable from 100′-2000′

o Airstart mode for motor ignitions and/or separation charges

o Airstarts can be qualified with altitude@time, velocity@time, and/or breakwire
o Programming is done with simple web pages
o 15 flight memory, records summary and detailed data
o Recordable altitude range from -5,000 to +60,000′ AGL
o Data can be downloaded using WiFi to your phone/tablet/laptop to your browser or other data analysis app (such as Excel or WPS Office) within seconds of landing
o Secure WiFi connection with unique SSID and 8-digit passkey for every unit ensures that nobody else can connect to your Quantum
o Arming/disarming done with a 4-digit code… you can’t accidentally “pocket dial” your Quantum
o Unique “dual-ended” output, the pyro igniter is essentially “dead”  until near deployment
o FailSafe feature can optionally fire the Main chute if a freefall is detected (i.e. your drogue didn’t come out for some reason)
o Remote testing of your deployment igniters, from over 100′ away
o Dual-battery battery option, provides 100% protection against brownouts due to deployment shorts
o Battery input is polarity-independent… you can’t fry the Quantum by hooking the battery up “backwards”
o  Output transistors can easily drive just about anything you’d throw at them, on-time can be set for up to 9 seconds for hot-wire non-pyro use
o  Built-in support for standard PWM hobby servos for non-pyro deployments
o Eggtimer’s signature optoisolated processor-to-deployment architecture protects processor from deployment-induced surges

o Serial output data can be connected to an Eggtimer Telemetry Module, for streaming real-time altitude, velocity, and status information to an Eggfinder LCD receiver

o Size: Approx 66mm x 25mm, weight about 12 grams