If you love the wireless WiFi convenience of the Quantum but need more channels and capabilities, the Proton is the flight computer for you!  With SIX output channels, it will handle just about any task you can think of.  In addition to the usual barometric altitude support, the Proton has a 120G accelerometer for more advanced triggering and data recording. 


o Six output channels, each capable of 10A and up to 40V
o Barometric pressure sensor rated to over 60,000′
o 200G axial accelerometer for accurate boost/burnout detections
o Virtually all operations are performed wirelessly via WiFi/browser interface
o Can be armed from over 100′ away… no more fumbling with a screwdriver
o Deployment channels can be tested from over 100′ away… perfect for those L3 tests
o Support for traditional Main/Drogue/Airstart modes and much more
o Clustered airstart channel support… if one doesn’t fire, none of them will
o Custom programmable mode with a wide variety of triggering and qualifcations
o Airstarts can be qualified with velocity@time, altitude@time, and/or breakwire
o Barometric vs Accelerometer altitude qualification for off-axis detection
o First three channels support hobby servos for descent-triggered events

o Channels can be named, so you don’t have to remember which one does what

o 14 flight memory, up to 40 samples per second
o Instant flight summary data after landing
o Full CSV flight detail output with all barometer and accelerometer derived data
o Flight event marking of milestone events

o Flights can be commented, so you don’t have to remember which flight was what
o Deployment outputs are dual-switched… they’re “dead” until you’re in flight
o Outputs are overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, and thermally protected
o Single or Dual battery operation, for glitch-proof operation
o Can be used with virtually any 2S LiPo battery

o Can be connected to the Eggtimer Telemetry Module, for streaming  real-time altitude, velocity, and status data during              flight to an Eggfinder LCD receiver
o 3.25″ x 1.125″, about 20 grams