Eggtimer Rocketry

 Welcome to Eggtimer Rocketry!

If you're looking for information and/or support for your Eggtimer Classic/Quark/Quantum altimeters,  Eggfinder GPS Trackers, or other Eggtimer Rocketry products then you're at the right place!

Here is where we put all of our knowledge, sweat, and tears out in the open for your benefit.  We've organized this site into several hopefully useful sections that you can use to get all of your questions answered, and you can always send us an email at if you can't find what you are looking for here.

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Our Products - Information about our products, and links to buy them

What's New - New stuff (hardware and software)

Support - Assembly and installation documents, answers to all of your questions, software downloads, and links to other sites that you may find useful

Photos - Assembly Pictures to help you build your Eggtimer Rocketry kit

Purchase - How to buy them

About Us- The obligatory page that tells you who we are and how to reach us